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Ongoing Research
  • Centre of Excellence for Diabetes, Metabolic Diseases and Endocrinology

    Body Fat Patterning and Phenotype Including Hepatic fat and Pancreatic Volume of Non–obese Asian Indians with Type 2 Diabetes in…

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  • Sponsor : Northwestern University

    A Double-Blind, Randomized Phase 2b Study Evaluating the Efficacy and Safety of Sorafenib Compared to Placebo When Administered in Combination…

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  • Sponsor : Biogen

    A Multicenter, Randomized, Double-Blind, Parallel-Group, Placebo-Controlled Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of PEGylated Interferon Beta-1a (BIIB017) in Subjects…

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  • Sponsor : Puma Biotechnology, Inc.

    A Randomized, Open-Label, Two-Arm Study Of Neratinib Plus Paclitaxel Versus Trastuzumab Plus Paclitaxel As First-Line Treatment For ErbB-2-Positive Locally Recurrent…

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  • Sponsor : GlaxoSmithKline

    A Randomized, Double-blind, Multicenter, Placebo-controlled Study of Adjuvant Lapatinib (GW572016) in Women With Early-Stage ErbB2 Over expressing Breast Cancer

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  • Prakash Project

    “Prakash” in Sanskrit means light. Project Prakash was founded in 2003 by Professor Pawan Sinha of MIT with the goal…

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  • Nutritional – fMRI study

    Impact of a Multiple Micronutrient (MMN) Fortified Powder Supplemented with Bacopa Monnieri Extract (EBM) on Hemodynamic Responses as Measured by Functional…

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  • Neuromarketing – Neural correlates of how human brain perceives television commercials

    A products sustained success in the market, though largely depends on the quality of it, several other factors play an…

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What We Do

Mahajan Imaging Education & Research Academy (MIERA) has been formed with a vision of providing high quality research to various academic & medical institutions, pharmaceutical / consumer health care organisations in India. MEIRA also provides hands on MR / CT / PET CT training to Radiologists / Nuclear Medicine specialists wanting to upgrade their skill sets. Mahajan Imaging, under the vision and leadership of Dr. Harsh Mahajan was amongst the first to set up a privately owned…

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Our Team
  • Mr. Kabir Mahajan
    Mr. Kabir Mahajan

    Founder, MIERA

  • Dr. Harsh Mahajan, MD
    Dr. Harsh Mahajan, MD

    Chief Medical Director, MIERA

  • Mrs. Ritu Mahajan
    Mrs. Ritu Mahajan

    Executive Director, MIERA

  • Dr. Vidur Mahajan
    Dr. Vidur Mahajan

    Associate Director, MIERA

  • Ms. Promila Kundaliya
    Ms. Promila Kundaliya

    GM-Operations, MIERA

  • Dr. Sriram Rajan
    Dr. Sriram Rajan

    Research Consultant, MIERA

  • Dr. (Col) R. K. Sharma
    Dr. (Col) R. K. Sharma

    Research Consultant, MIERA

  • Dr. Parul Mohan
    Dr. Parul Mohan

    Member Secretary, Ethics Committee

  • Mr. Gokulraj Prabhakaran
    Mr. Gokulraj Prabhakaran

    Research Scientist

  • John L Flannery

    John L Flannery President & CEO GE Healthcare "The best patient outcomes start with world-class diagnostics: that special combination of latest imaging technology in the hands of knowledgeable Radiologists. To…

    John L Flannery
  • Dr. Pawan Sinha

    Pawan Sinha, Ph.D. Professor of Vision and Computational Neuroscience Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA Cambridge, MA "It has been a true pleasure and privilege…

    Dr. Pawan Sinha
  • Tapan (1)

    Dr. Tapan K. Gandhi, Ph.D. Asst. Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Delhi & Research Affiliate Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA…

    Dr. Tapan K. Gandhi